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Michelle Thibault the founder and president of Cannabis Website Design & Marketing. Michelle has over 20 years experience in traditional marketing, and 10 years experience in website design.  Michelle started Cannabis Website Design & Marketing, in March 2019, by the request of her hubby. It’s super important to Michelle to help spread the word about how helpful cannabis items are for health. Michelle feels that  cannabis is a much more ethical industry than big Pharma.  Michelle and her family have used Cannabis to help with health challenges, and hemp for many helpful products and services. She has some family members who help the folks that have been hit by drugs like crack and meth, and they have used cannabis to help with detox! 

Michelle started back in Marketing in the late 2000’s, and has been dabbling in website design since 2008. She has her degree from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She has lived in Vermont many years, but has lived in upstate New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. When Michelle isn’t working in digital marketing, you can find her hanging out with her friends and family, fishing, boating, kayaking, making jewelry, swimming, painting, traveling, cooking, and x-country skiing. 


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