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Michelle and her sister Marie manage the Essex Holiday Fair to benefit our Relay For Life Team Sunflowers since 2015.  Michelle manages the online presence, vendors, digital marketing, and television appearances.

Erica and Gabe own The
Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT, where Michelle got her birds and pet supplies. They were pretty friendly, and Erica asked Michelle to help her with her website! Only 2 months later to find that the website had produced
2 times the leads they were used to!

Chris had Michelle design and develop his website
Vermont Small Engine. She helps him with Local SEO and Social Media posting. Poor Chris can’t even keep up with the calls coming in! She even keeps an active
Facebook Page!

Cannabis Website Designs & Marketing, does not only help the Cannabis industry, Michelle has built and developed a SEO Strategy for Vermont Jewelry Creations, her first small venture in 2014! She still does this with friends
a few times a year, but has chosen to focus on Cannabis Website Design & Marketing.

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