Starting a new Cannabis Business?

Are you starting a new cannabis business in 2020? Here are some things to think about, to stretch your marketing dollar. Like most new business owners your budget might be limited. It’s important to get the best bang for your buck.

In the past many business owners used traditional methods such as print, radio, TV, and mass mailing. Do those items still work? Well not like they used to. That’s why it’s so important for you to make the best choice so that you can get clients.

It’s super important for you to have a website, that’s the fist step of marketing 101! If you don’t when people and yes 90% of our population uses google as a method for finding information. Things to think about specific to our Cannabis industry. Here are the most important things to have on your website!

Clean front page, that allows your visitors to find things easily. We love using buttons and showing images (not too many, slows down the site) An amazing marketing tag line that excites them to visit you. Video helps so much, something like” Hi, Welcome to Thibault CBD, we feel that cannabis can aid you in many health areas, but the products that it produces, fuel, building material, power, and plastics could really have an amazing affect on our environment. We love our clients, please give us a call.” You don’t have to be a model, actually it’s better if it’s someone the client might come in contact with. If you’re retail, having a map on the home page is super helpful. Make sure to have quick buttons for contacting too.

About page is very important, some people what to learn about you, your business, and goals for them. Especially people who are a little learey of our wonderful plant friend. Sadly, the news and media in the past has given us a bad name. This is a great page to dress up with some happy smiling founder image!

Our team, or our founder, depending on how you’re setup it’s a great idea to have this page. Clients want to learn about you and the people who support you. If you have any pets in the shop or things that are fun for you to do. We’re not in a super stuffy industry so have some fun. Use our Our Team page for inspiration. Most of us are small family business, and you know what that sells! People like to feel comfortable, like my friends at American Shaman in Essex VT. You go into the shop, they have super comfy chairs and a sofa. Maryann is so amazing, she has the cutest puppy! Having the puppy or in our case the cats and birds on the site could make it fun. Now if you’re a lawyer or accountant that might be a different message. It really depends on your area. We consult our clients on the way to go about it depending on your market!

Client reviews are huge too, now I’m a huge fan of getting them off the site to put the on the site! We are still starting up our brand, at this time we have 5 clients. So we don’t have as much feedback as we would like. But this time next year we will have more and will ask our clients to share positive feedback in places like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. If you can get YouTube video testimonials that would be great too!

Okay this one is huge, and most people aren’t even aware of it. Put a photo of your business on your contact page if you’re retail. Some of us get lost easily, and it’s super frustrating!

Make sure to claim your business in Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Leafly. These are places that people can find you online and will help with traffic. I wouldn’t advise using Yelp for advertising if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider doing google ads. As stated above, 90% of people use google to find you!

Make sure to keep your social channels active by positing frequently in them. You can get a free hub-spot account, they will let you make 30 posts per month for free. We love social because they all have apps, and you could do it on your phone or tablet too!

Now, at this moment Facebook is being an ass and not letting business that sell cannabis advertise. Once the government makes it 100% legal (we’re close), this is a great tool. It’s so in expensive, and helps so much with Branding. In the meantime you could use your social channels to network with clients, business partners, friends, and family. They want you to be successful, so ask them to share your page, share your message, and help you connect!

Google ads, so we’re more into organic growth from a business perspective. But you could invest in google ads to drive traffic to your site. I would work with a professional, as googles goal is to make money much like your goal is!

Networking at fairs, festivals, and host events at your retail shop. These are very inexpensive ways to connect with various people. It’s not super expensive, and if you’re friendly you can really make some new friends and have a great time

Emailing is a great way to connect, but we’re finding it more and more challenging because of spammers. Make a customer email list, email them 1 time per month with helpful information. Ask for referrals, invite them to your events. You can put events on facebook and ask to have it suggested!

Are you looking for a reasonable way to connect with clients. Fill out this form, we would love to connect with you and discuss your goals!

Marijuana Legalized in New York


New York Legalizes All Marijuana

As you all might have figured, Cannabis Website Design & Marketing absolutely supports cannabis as a means to help solve many of the issues of our planet! We are a Vermont-based company but very close to New York State!


On April 1st, 2021 the state of New York legalized the recreational use of cannabis (THC),! This is huge, the more states we have that legalize this the better chance the feds will. VP Harris really wants to legalize this. Basically, it's not legal because it is competition for the Pharmaceutical, Cotton, Textile, Plastic, and many other businesses.

This blogger is so excited for New York because they want to use the tax funds to help the communities who are in need mostly comprised of Minorities.  40% of the tax revenue!

If you're interested in starting up a cannabis-related business, give your friends at Cannabis Website Design & Marketing a call or email we would love to help you!


Super Sale

Cannabis Website Design & Marketing has a Super Sale off the setup of a new website! Normally it’s about $995 for a site with 5 pages. We’re doing a special for our 1 year anniversary $200 off, and we will setup your business with a Facebook & Instagram pages. Hurry up sale ends 3/31/2020.

Make Marijuana Legal (THC)

Although the House approved legalization of Marijuana with THC. The Republican Senate chose to veto it. This blogger thinks it’s because they are backed by companies, and use the special interest of their backers versus the american people majority. It didn’t really show up because we were focused on the Impeachment Hearing, which is a huge waste of taxpayer money. Why bother if you’re not going to kick him out?

I have an idea, how about we set the age from 35 to 65 and also adjust the benefits the get? Treat them like any other government worker? The pay these people get is a complete joke! They don’t even work a normal 40 hours like normal americans.

Kids, it’s time to get rid of those old school douche’. Let’s set up some term limits and age limits, obviously the are their backers are afraid of the amazing power that Marijuana has on health, living, the environment, and being happier! I myself will be voting Green, as I’m an independant and feel the two main political parties are super corrupt!

I’m happy at least that Hemp / CBD has been legalized. I do hope that we could start using it more to replace plastics, fuel, building, food, and pain versus our traditional methods. The more and more I learn about the benefits the more I want to help lobby for this beautiful plant! Heck, it helped my mother who had some challenges with Alcohol and pain! If I ever came into some type of wealth, I would invest it in hemp!

Illinois Legislate Passes

Illinois Legislative Passes Legal Cannabis

We are so thrilled that our friends in Illinois have passes legislative to create legal regulated cannabis. The more and more states that create legal legislation the faster we can get the government to change the ruling on this.


We are so thrilled to help folks build websites and do digital marketing for those great professionals in the cannabis industry in Illinois! Give us a call!



Search Engine Optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization directs visitors to your website by ensuring that your business appears high on the list of results returned when potential clients search for your product or services online. The primary goal of search engine, is to deliver the best user experience possible. The purpose of SEO is to help search engines fully understand what your website is about so they rank you favorably in related searches.

Some of the factors that are used to factor your website ranking, how quickly your website loads, Secure Socket layer, Social Profiles, Back Linking, Meta Data, Unique and updated content, Mobile Responsive, and if you’re listed in directories.  Unfortunately, there’s not a specific secret sauce to achieve top-notch rankings. SEO requires a solid foundation, mixed with various on-site, and off-site techniques to pull you above other websites and competitors in your area.

At Cannabis Website Designs & Marketing we are industry experts with 10 years of Search Engine Optimization expertise to offer. 


Hemp Can Save the Earth

Hemp Can Heal The Earth & Feed Starving People


Hemp can help us heal the earth and people. We are huge fans of Hemp! From clothing, to fuel, housing materials, replacements for plastic, heating, and fuel!

We reviewed this great article on Green Flower, and it blew our minds and created this fun blog!

Unlike other types of growing textiles, Hemp is naturally insect repellent. The soil also repairs faster, they now can use help for biodegradable plastics, help plant absorbs toxic metals, hemp is an amazing renewable bio fuel, hemp clothing doesn't contain chemical residue, Help helps reduce carbon emissions, cultivating hemp prevents deforestation, hemp production conserves water, hemp supports sustainable farming, growing hemp prevents soil erosion, hemp fiberboard create stronger and healthier homes, hemp helps reduce air pollution, and hemp seeds can help reduce world hunger.

So this girl thinks the feds and states need to legalize all of cannabis!